HD Ready?

Whenever a new technology is rolled out there’s a choice to be made.  Cutting edge?  Or bleeding edge.

As video makes the transition from standard to high definition, the business communicator wants to take advantage of all the visual impact HD offers.  That’s cutting edge.  But these videos have to be deliverable across multiple platforms, not all of them compatible with HD.  That’s when the bleeding begins.

Does your conference room have a high-def monitor?  What about a BluRay player?  Have they got the same set-up in your sales offices?  Your trade show booth?  When you hold your national meeting, can the hotel offer HD projection?  Is it in your budget?  And how much impact will your HD video have when it streams through that little window on your website?

These days, the producer of video for business has some challenges that require a bit of expertise to resolve.  You’ll want to be able to take advantage of all the real estate and clarity those widescreen displays deliver, but you also have to take into account the customer who’s watching on a smart phone, or the field office that still has that old TV hooked up to an SD DVD player.  You’ll have to make some careful choices regarding design, production workflow, and distribution to cover all these bases and still communicate effectively. 

At this point, we’re usually encouraging our clients to shoot in HD even if they’re not yet distributing in the format.  The footage you acquire today will be useful all along the way to the realization of full HD in the business environment.  But sometimes we can shave a few dollars off the budget with SD technology if the end use is exclusively on YouTube or some other Internet destination.

We’re here to give our clients the confidence to make these necessary technical decisions, putting them on the cutting edge with no risk of hemorrhage.