Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School


The program examines the origins of the Prairie style in the buildings of Wright and his mid-west contemporaries, featuring detailed tours of buildings including Wright’s own home and studio, his Dana, Willits and Robie houses, Unity Temple, as well as homes and buildings by Dwight Perkins, Walter Burley Griffin, Marion Mahoney, William Drummond, John Van Bergen and others. Analysts include biographer Robert Twombly, architects Donald Kalec, John Thorpe, and Wilbert Hasbrouck and historians Thomas Heinz and Janice Pregliasco.

Actor Richard Henzel brings to life the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, while archival photos define the time and the place in which this remarkable modern movement flowered.

Funded in part by a grant from Steelcase, this hour-long documentary has aired on over 80 PBS stations and is distributed on DVD by Films for the Humanities and Sciences.