Maximizing Your Video Dollar

A few thoughts on what you, as our client, can do to get the most value from your video project:

• Define the objective. Ask yourself what you want the viewer to take from the experience of watching the video. List two or three concise messages you hope to communicate. Don’t overload the video. If your list of key messages is longer than two or three, think about dividing the project into several modules that can be viewed individually, or consider supporting the video with print or other collateral materials.

• Define the audience. Who will watch the video? It’s important to focus on just a few potential categories of viewers. Are they younger or more mature? Will they be enthusiastic to hear your message or will they need some extra motivation? What do they already know about the subject? If you need to address diverse audiences, say your sales reps as well as your customers, consider creating alternate versions of the program with different approaches for each. Usually this is a matter of a simple re-edit of the same material and can be done at minimal cost.

• Identify the venue in which the program will be viewed. The design of the program both narratively and visually will depend on where and how the program is shown. Is this a meeting opener, point-of-purchase, a one-to-one sales tool, a trade show booth loop, or something you’ll stream on the web? Large screen projection or smart phone display? Noisy exhibition hall or quiet conference room? The more thought you can give to such questions the better we can tailor the project for maximum impact.

• Get us involved early. An important part of the service we provide is giving an appropriate form to your program based on our experience with targeted creative development. Federici Video can help you to think about video in ways you may not have considered. Working with you and your resources, we strive for alignment. We can best serve you if we get inside your head and gain as much knowledge of your company’s culture, your offerings, and your vision as possible. So call early and call often! We love to chat and there’s no charge for picking our brains.